corruption in the mining sector


What we learned about the mining sector's priorities for business

Dec 14, 2020 With a common interest in improving business integrity and anti-corruption practices in mining sector licensing and permitting, the organisations

Mitigating the Risk of Fraud and Corruption - Canadian Audit and

Fraud and corruption in the mining sector can vary widely in scope and can involve officials with varying levels of authority. Some frauds are minor, perpetrated

Environmental crime in Armenia - Ecologic Institute

Corruption is widespread at all levels of the state apparatus. areas linked to environmental crime include RA's vast mining sector, the logging industry and.

Can Tshisekedi clean up DRC's mining sector? - African Business

Mar 9, 2021 President Kabila on government, is the DRC's mining sector about to turn a corner on corruption that has blighted the sector for decades?

Sustainable and Responsible Mining in Africa - International

Corruption undermines economic, social, and environmental goals, and keeps people and communities poorer. For the mining sector, corruption can mean that

Illegal Mining - Organized Crime, Corruption, and Ecocide in a

Free Preview. Provides a much-needed examination of organized crime, corruption and environmental harm in the mining and extractive industries; Discusses

Corruption Impeding on Human Rights in South Africa's Mining Sector

Feb 1, 2019 The Xolobeni community had been resisting mining activities on their land. Corruption in the mining sector has hampered South Africa's

Steinmetz Sentence Opens New Front in War on Mining Corruption

Jan 26, 2021 Switzerland took direct aim at the global mining industry when it sentenced Beny Steinmetz to five years for bribery. But it's not clear if the Israeli.

Miners welcome stance against 'blatant corruption' in South Africa

The Minerals Council South Africa has welcomed a push by president Cyril Ramaphosa to address corruption but said there would have to be “action on the

All That Glitters is Not Gold: Turmoil in Zimbabwe's Mining Sector

Nov 24, 2020 Violence has spiked in Zimbabwe's gold mining sector, costing who is now under U.S. sanctions for his alleged complicity in corrupt business

Criminal leaders rise during mining booms - Mint

Dec 14, 2020 The mining sector in India has earned a bad name for itself due to its frequent links with corruption and crime. Bribes are often given away for

Mining industry of Guinea - Wikipedia

One of the country's largest gold mines is the Lefa mine in the Faranah Region. The Kalia Mine is owned by Bellzone Mining. Controversies and corruption in the

Communities, mining corporations and corruption in South Africa

Feb 7, 2019 Before democracy South Africa's mining sector prioritised profits over the people and environment. Not much has changed.

Corruption and the Extractive Industries in Africa - The Web site

Mining companies are reporting to shareholders and investors that avoiding corruption is critical to mitigating their risks, and diverse African governments, from

Mining for misconduct: Regulatory change and safeguarding against

May 13, 2019 Mining for misconduct: Regulatory change and safeguarding against corruption in the mining industry. Australia's ties with Asia cannot be

Bribery risk in the mining sector - What can be learnt from the

Jul 17, 2018 Evidence over recent years has increasingly pointed to corruption infecting all levels and aspects of the mining sector. The combination of high-

Top 10 business risks facing mining and metals in 2019-20 - EY

minerals. But while many in the industry are saying all the right things, their actions do not follow their Fraud and corruption was identified as a significant.

Political settlements, the mining industry and corporate social

In the 1980s, Zambia became a case study for corruption and 'spoils politics' (Szeftel, 1982) and more recently elections have centred on mining taxation. As the

Mining and local corruption in Africa - Andreas Kotsadam

But, also the resource dependence–corruption relationship may simply reflect that corrupt countries have poorly performing industrial sectors and few other exports

Corruption stifling investment in Uganda's mining sector - rights

Jun 5, 2017 Widespread corruption at the Ugandan government's mines department, including using bribes to secure licences, is stifling investment in the

Armenia's Historic Vision for Responsible Mining - World Bank Group

Having transparency, anti-corruption and participatory governance at its core, EITI will assist our country to develop a responsible mining sector for the benefit of

Afghanistan Afghanistan government was accused of corruption in

Two international organizations of fight against corruption on Sunday accused Afghans government inability to prevent financial corruption in the mining sector

Corruption plagues mining sector - The Economic Times

May 23, 2008 Bribery and corrupt business practices are the maximum in the mining and utilities sectors, two of India's fastest growing industries, as both

Corruption in natural resource management in Mongolia -

The Mongolian NRM sector is likely to be confronted by similar risks observed in other countries. A number of factors exacerbate corruption risks in the mining

Preventing corruption in the mining sector | Article | Compliance Week

A global study from Transparency International explores what causes corruption in the mining sector and what the compliance function can do to help prevent it.

Why is Afghanistan unable to extract its vast mineral wealth

May 28, 2019 Poor security, weak legislation and corruption plague mining in as well as corruption, have prevented the mining sector's development

Peru's Mining Industry Grows on Autopilot - Global Business Reports

Feb 27, 2019 of public infrastructure projects that were affected by corruption and scandal, economic activity continued in the country. The mining industry

Dealing with corruption risk - Mining Magazine

Jun 24, 2019 Mayer Brown's Danuta de Vries tackles bribery, corruption and compliance within the mining sector.

CSOs to form a coalition to fight corruption in the mining sector | The

Feb 13, 2021 Civic associations based in Ethiopia are poised to form a coalition in a bid to fight misconducts in and around the mining sector.

Untapped and Unprepared - The Sentry

In order to shield the mining sector from exploitation by corrupt actors in the top echelons of government, a variety of stakeholders must take swift action to

Shedding Light on Political Corruption in Indonesia's Coal Mining

Apr 16, 2020 Shedding Light on Political Corruption in Indonesia's Coal Mining Sector. Although Joko Widodo said publicly that “without proper management

Corruption Risks in Mining Sector Licencing - International Mining

This discussion paper seeks to boost this understanding by bringing together several threads of analysis on corruption studies and mining sector governance and.

DRC: Digging in corruption - Fraud, abuse and exploitation in

Jul 5, 2006 The mining sector in Katanga is characterised by widespread corruption and fraud at all levels. A significant proportion of the copper and cobalt

Zimbabwe: Corruption and inadequate monitoring of mining

Zimbabwe: Corruption and inadequate monitoring of mining activities by govt. are leading causes of fatalities, argues mining federation The mining industry has

Breaking Report: President's Daughter, Defense Ministry, and

Apr 2, 2020 President Kiir's Associates Tied to 32 Mining Companies; High-Level Corruption in Minerals Sector Risks Fueling Armed Conflict, Report Warns.


Our latest research examines the current and future impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on corruption risks in the licensing and permitting of large-scale mining

Conflict, collusion and corruption in small-scale gold mining - Taylor

especially from China, entered the small-scale mining sector in Ghana, despite it being Lreserved for Ghanaian citizensL by law. A free-for-all ensued in which.

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corruption in the mining sector